Tiered Earring Stand – Black Acrylic


So excited to have our first custom made Alanna Jane earrings stands!

The tiered earring stand is perfect for storing all types of earrings from studs, to hooks and loops. The slots on the top are made so you can just slot your studs in, just loosen the backs and slide them in without having to remove your clasp off the back – so easy! You also have the option of holes under, which can be used for your hoops, suds or hooks as well.

Each row has 18 slots & 18 holes, so you can fit up to 216 pairs, depending on your earring styles and how you want to store them. The stepped design means your dangles can be any length and fit on the stand.

Made in Queensland from matt black acrylic (the reverse side is gloss).

The stands have been test assembled here to make sure the pieces all slot in perfectly but it will come flat packed for easy assembly. As they have been pre assembled, you may see a scuff on the acrylic where they slot in which you will not see once assembled.

You will receive:

  • 2 sides
  • 6 cross beams


The stands are designed for the matt black side of the acrylic to be the side you see so make sure this side faces out when you assemble.

We recommend slotting your top and bottom rows in first. Make sure you slot both sides of the pieces in evenly. Keep adding your rows in one at a time.

If you have any questions about assembly or displaying your earrings, just let us know. Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Instagram – you will find all the links on our home page.

We hope you love these earrings stands as much as we do x

*Earrings not included.

* Please note – design has changed slightly and no longer requires the back brace shown in the photos

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